Sometimes, students require revisions for different reasons, including their desire to improve the content of received text materials. As a reliable company, Our Site sets its revision policy to establish a set of important rights and obligations in this area. You should read it quite thoroughly to avoid any misunderstanding when you will need this service. We understand that it’s hard to be 100% perfect, and this means that there may be some situations when our authors will have to review and improve their work.

For example, some customers may forget important requirements or details when filling out their order forms. This means that competent authors receive them when they’ve already started doing their essay writing work. It’s another reason why you shouldn’t forget to read the revision policy set by Our Site. One of our best traditions is that we offer the necessary revisions for free, and the only condition for our customers is to follow all terms and conditions. You should observe the regulations provided below to ensure a healthy and efficient interaction while processing your orders.

You’re allowed to request revisions for free within a certain period of time, no longer than 14 days, after your order is completed and you receive it on your email. It’s necessary to follow a details procedure to benefit from this service. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything for the necessary paper revisions, but you’re not allowed to make any changes in the content or modifications in your initial instructions. Otherwise, you will have to cover additional costs set by Our Site. If you modify your original academic requirements or make alterations in the papers received from our writers, be prepared to pay for revision services.

The basic goal of our company is to provide students and other customer groups with an excellent quality and helpful customer support. That’s why our competent and reliable authors do their best to meet all of your requirements and needs. If you want to request revisions for free, check the following rules and conditions:

  • Basic instructions. Make sure that all revisions are in line with your initial instructions and guidelines given to our authors. If you fail to meet this basic requirement, your revision request will be cancelled.
  • The right submission. You should understand how to submit your revision request correctly. The main step that should be taken is contacting our customer support team via any communication tool you prefer. Our friendly representatives will answer your request very fast and help you complete this process correctly and promptly.
  • Deadlines. You have the right to request complimentary revisions before you approve the text materials received from our authors within 14 days. Be sure to read and check them attentively before approving to guarantee that there are no mistakes or other flaws in this kind of content. When dealing with major orders, including dissertations, these deadlines can be prolonged.
  • The number of revisions. All of our customers can request unlimited free revisions as long as they meet the above-mentioned terms and conditions. This service is established to ensure their 100% customer satisfaction and the most enjoyable custom paper writing experience.