It’s obvious that your privacy is important when using any online service, especially when it comes to custom-written academic papers. These rules set by Our Site protect your confidentiality and ensure that your valuable information won’t be received by any third parties.

First, it’s necessary to get more information about personally identifiable data. These details include any information that can be used by people to contact or locate you, including your address, name, phone number, email, etc. Keep in mind that it doesn’t include any details collected anonymously or specific demographic information. There are certain questions that should be answered to get a better idea of the privacy policy set by Our Site.

What personal details are collected by this website?

This essay writing service may collect basic information related to your personal profile and additional details, including your contact data.

Who are allowed to collect this kind of information?

In addition to Our Site, these details are available to third-party vendors, including banks, credit card companies, and others if they provide their services, such as escrow, credit, and insurance packages. Remember that out company can’t control them, but they are allowed to disclose your sensitive details only in eligible ways. Some of them serve only as certain links in our distribution chain so that they don’t use, retain, and store your personal data.

How do we use your personally identifiable details?

Basically, they are used to customize this website and for other purposes, such as making valuable service offers, fulfilling your billing requests, and so on. We can send you emails about unique offers and opportunities or use this information to respond your personal inquiries.

With whom these details are shared?

Your personal information can be shared with other customers who want to evaluate possible transactions with other users. Some aggregated details can be shared with visitors, including specific demographics. As a customer, you have a unique opportunity to refuse from receiving such details or being contacted by this site.

How is your personal information stored?

This essay writing service collects your personal details and stores them securely. This means that they won’t be accessible to any independent third parties and other people.

What choices are provided to visitors in terms of using, collecting, and distributing this kind of information?

Both authorized users and visitors can refuse from receiving specific information from us and affiliated companies. The only thing that they need to do is contacting a customer support team or responding to emails.

Are there any cookies on this website?

Yes, they are used for many reasons. For example, we use them to get more information about the personal preferences and choices of our visitors and those services that they choose. Another reason to use cookies is to serve important security purposes and protect authorized users.

How is your login information used?

We use such details as your IP address, browser type, and others to analyze current trends, gather demographic data, and achieve other similar goals.

How is your personal information kept secure and safe?

There are effective security rules and methods set by this website.